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Name:Mr. brama karyadi [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Address:Komplek Duta Merlin Blok C 1 - 3
jakarta pusat 10160, Jakarta
Harga Kompetitif Kualitas Unggul Diskon Menarik
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Registration Date:Feb. 13, 2011
Last Updated:Jun. 06, 2014
Business Nature:Trade of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

PT. DWS, stood from 1992 in central Jakarta Wisma Cormic, we are Distributor of Material Handling The pallet HAND, HAND LIFT / stacker, PALLET MESH, ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT, DLL

Major Products / Services
  • Hand lift
    Hand liftl electric ( maju, mundur, naik turun pakai batteray) menggunakan tenaga motor electric
  • hand stacker
    kami menjual hand stacker manual - hand stacker semi electric - hand stacker full electric. bergaransi
  • hand pallet
    hand pallet yang kami jual bergaransi dan barang ready sstock.
  • turbin ventilator
    turbin ventilator kami bergaransi 10 tahun kualitas handal.
  • Tangga Electric
    Kami adalah importir utama Tangga Electric, Tangga Electric yang kami jual Bergaransi 1 tahun.

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